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COVID-19 and the ‘New Normal’ Workplace (Nov. 19)


Beaverton, Oregon


Thu Nov 19 2020

Event Information

Thursday, November 19th 2020, 1:00pm-1:30pm CST(UTC-6) 
Language: English
Instructor: Nathan Van Ness, Product Marketing Manager, USA
In this webinar, we will discuss office design factors and workplace trends in the 'new normal' COVID-19 environment, and the resulting impacts on our speech privacy. We’ll learn how to create a more comfortable office using the 'ABCs' of acoustics and introduce the next-generation sound masking technology. The 30-minute webinar will cover:
  1. The case for acoustic privacy
  2. The ABCs of architectural acoustics
  3. COVID-19-driven office design issues
  4. Speech privacy
  5. The fundamentals of sound masking
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